Monday, May 31, 2004

Watch out people, mini-rant approaching...

The problem with this government is that their attitude to problems is to simply attempt to fix them with short term solutions rather than dealing with the root of the problem, which is only creating more trouble for the future. It's like fixing a hole in your shoe with duct tape - it just doesn't work. (Although try telling that to the boyfriend) Take this whole messing around with who gets into universities based upon income and all that. You should get into univeristy because you're clever, not because of how much your parents earn. In order to get people of all backgrounds into uni, you need to improve schools in poorer areas and make sure everyone gets a good education. Yeah, it's no small task, and it will take a lot of time and money, but it has to be done. Leaving things as they are means problems will escalate.

Sunday, May 30, 2004

Wow. This morning I saw Braceface for the first time. It's ace! I feel a curious affinity with Sharon Spitz. It's probably the braces, but horrible embarrassing stuff always happens to her. This morning, for example, she was on a date and her period started but the guy thought she was dying and called an ambulance. Although it is a little strange to have periods on a kids' TV show.

Friday, May 28, 2004

Topshop now do maternity wear. I find this quite strange because it seems like I'm being bombarded with baby stuff everywhere I go. Babies are horrible. I will never have one, ever. (Hopefully)

I never really noticed it before, but there's something really sexy about Angelina Jolie. She's my new Carmen Electra. I used to mostly think blonde girls were pretty but I'm progressing to brunettes now. No change on the man front though, long dark hair is all it takes to turn me to jelly. I think the boyfriend is planning to shave his head, the prospect of which upsets me greatly. What is it about hair that I love so much? My mum recently took the new dog to have his hair trimmed, and he came back shaved, and now he's just not the dog he was, to me anyhow. I think it must be something Samsonesque.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

In reply to Leticia's post, in my case, my butt-confidence (or lack of) stems from how I feel inside, not from how I think guys see me. If the boyfriend doesn't like my butt, he can go elsewhere, simple as that. Feel good outside, feel good inside. That's just how I work, I guess.
I keep getting some very strange emails. They're in an Eastern language I don't understand (sorry, my language knowlege is minimal) and in the 'to' line, they're addressed to things like 'kitten23@hotmail.com' which isn't my email address. Help, anyone?

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Oh God. I have my psychology AS exam on Thursday and I just don't know nearly enough. Been cramming like mad. I did really well in my January exams (well, half of them) but I don't think I can match up to that this time. Argh.

Monday, May 24, 2004

Today I bought my first thong. It's another milestone for me, I've always been a avid lover of big pants, but there's always been something very naughty about thongs to me, and the fact you need confidence (and a half-decent butt) to wear one says a lot. Well, finally, I feel good enough about my butt to wear one. Go me.

I think knickers have overtaken my handbag obsession. Mere weeks ago, the sight of a pink Hello Kitty handbag practically brought me to orgasm, yet a change has taken place. I had to buy my thong from Debenhams as the Topshop in my town is currently closed for refitting. Withdrawal symptoms are very bad; New Look just does not compare. Also, the clothes are badly fitting.

Sunday, May 09, 2004

I can hardly believe the photographs of US/UK soldiers sexually abusing Iraqi prisoners. It's so disgusting, humiliating, vile. What will happen to our soldiers now if they are captured? Also, so much for keeping up good relations with Iraq.

On a completey different note, an Xbox stole my boyfriend. I think he even kisses it before he goes to bed. The thing is, I can see myself becoming slightly addicted to it, if only I didn't suck at all computer games. I've already got obsessed with playing pool and blackjack. It's his birthday on Saturday and I have no idea what to get him and no money, except for the £5 I have saved for a bikini wax, which I guess is part of a present. (Does £5 signify less than brilliant results?) All he's expressed an interest in is baby wipes and a Venus Flytrap. Maybe that's my answer.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

Does my blog suck? I'm in a pathetic mood today. No new comments for about 2 weeks and I've realised that a few people have taken their links to me down. Hmph.

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